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  • Andy Winter

    Andy Winter

  • Stefan Thomas

    Stefan Thomas

    Keynote Speaker. Author of Business Networking for Dummies, Instant Networking & Win The Room. Trainer. Mentor.

  • Christopher Fullam

    Christopher Fullam

    X-Googler & Co-Founder at Ajito. Leveraging over 30 yrs exp. building & growing tech orgs to achieve Clarity, Predictability, and Engagement.

  • Jez Kay

    Jez Kay

    Videographer and #digital content marketer. #training people in front of and behind the lens a particular passion. http://nowhouse.tv

  • Sérgio Dias

    Sérgio Dias

    Software Architect at OutSystems. I was an Entrepreneur for a long time, started developing e-commerce almost 20 years ago. twitter: @serdays

  • Elfsight


    Leading developer of customizable & coding-free website widgets. Check out at elfsight.com

  • Jay Wilson

    Jay Wilson

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