The Problem

If you’ve recently received an email from Amazon Web Services informing you that you’re using the deprecated managed policy called AWSElasticBeanstalkService and that you should be using the newer policy named <takes a deep breath> AWSElasticBeanstalkManagedUpdatesCustomerRolePolicy then this blog will help you understand what it means and what to do.

Most developers using the Elastic Beanstalk are doing so to avoid the technical burden of managing clusters of Tomcat servers and auto-scaling. I would imagine many are using the standard default roles and using the beanstalk as a managed service with managed policies.

In this scenario I think…

I’m a software developer living in the UK and selling a digital service to consumers and businesses in the UK, EU and world-wide, part-time. If you sell goods instead of services then this article is probably not suited to you.

New rules came into effect on the 1st January 2021 due to Brexit which meant at the very minimum I must stop using the UK VAT MOSS (one stop shop) and swap to either registering in each EU country, or apply for a non-union VAT MOSS in one EU country.

Yes - that’s what I thought… more bureaucracy for no…

Visual Studio version 8.8.4
Visual Studio 8.8.4 fixes BigSur CLR error

UPDATED — 14th January 2021

The bug has now been closed as fixed by Visual Studio — please ensure you have the latest version installed.

UPDATED — installed Big Sur? First ensure that you have updated Visual Studio to version 8.8 release 4 (Wednesday 16th December 2020).

This will resolve an issue where the terminal doesn’t display the Azure function output, instead you would have been greeted with a CLR error.

The rest of this blog covers how I could get Visual Studio working by rolling back the version of Xcode (this worked before I upgraded to BigSur).

Today I…

Rob Wilson

Co-founder and CTO of Vehicle Smart and owner of Devology Ltd (client work on MyTeamSafe and a playground for my geeky ideas, including Social Scheduler).

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